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Refer to news article: As 2020 deadline looms, Malaysian students fail to shine in science
ASM council member Datuk Dr Halimaton Hamdan says in the 1980s and and 1990s, the government did not encourage students to take up hard sciences as there was a greater need for engineers, architects and doctors then.

Why Student Fail?

Never blame students!

Even substantial number of school teachers including lectures can fail their own subjects.

95% Reason is due to critical mistake from parent, teachers, PIBG, SCB, Education Policy! Only 1% ~ 5% Student‘s Problem

Don’t give excuse, our children can do better!

Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013 - 2025
Page #25 Where is action plan?
We can advice KPM via page #37

Immature in Main Expertise
Intrinsic Value
Brain, Thought & Mind
Sub essence
School setup architect engineering
Overloading night class
Wrong design of toilet
Call us for full list…….
KPM, JPN, PPD, School
Lack of expertise

Stop focusing effects, we should avoid cause of the problem. How?
% Problem Cause by
30% Parent
20% Teachers
15% PIBG
10% SCB
20% KPM

World’s #1 Intrinsic Brain Training
We are ready to contribute our advice to all including to KPM +60129228619




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