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Vegetarian & Brain Towards Academic, Sports, Co-curriculum Excellence

41st IVU World Vegfest, 6th Asian Vegetarian Congress

On 4th & 5th, 6th October 2013

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Vegetarian & Brain Towards Academic, Sports, Co-curriculum Excellence






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Brain is a physical form of human body which producing thought’s in the form of frequency. These thoughts are travelling through a medium call mind.  Brain capability and capacity may change based on various factor. Thought will also differ within the same person in different situation and timing. Every human have unique thinking pattern.


Sattvic Food

Our human body is made up of 7 live existence (Uyir Anukal) and also called Annamaya Kosha’s , to harmonize and enhance its highest function is only through 6 type of consumable material. They are air, liquid, vegetable, fruits, grain and roots. These type of food is also called as Satvic Food and  best requirement for our Annamaya kosha. The enzyme called saliva found in our mouth is suitable to digest the Satvic food only. The food will go down to stomach for further digestion. In short, our entire system is designed to cater for Satvic food. Non-Satvic food will never be digested in our digestive system. All non-vegetable food especially meat, will become acidic and all the unwanted matters will disturb the original human anatomy system.


When the fundamental of the body is taken care, the body will be healthy, our Annamaya Koshas will be synchronized and the body function will be at it’s best. The energy that is emerge from within the individual will also be positive.


There are few major categories of thoughts. They are quality and quantity of the thoughts , brain activeness, resetting new thoughts, enhancing creativity, focus & concentration level, memory power, bridging left & right brain, subtle thoughts with better alertness which is direct reflection from the brain effectiveness.  Through food it can be moderated. There are many scholars, scientist, sportsman and artist are vegetarian. They have been world famous.


Education/sports/co-curricular (Action, Reaction & Response)

In class, students will be able to perform better with mind, body & soul in synchronization, they will  have the natural ability to participate in all activities more efficiently. These is the original state of the an individual that is required for best achievement such as academy, sports, co-curricular activities and etc.  They will have improved interest to participate sports activity, opportunity to obtain championship. We found most of our students became vegetarian after our The 7 Secret Rhythm modularized training.


Emotion is powerful natural energy. The natural innate quality from within the self will surface effortlessly. It can be routed towards as fuel for live upliftment. If food intake is unmanaged (such as Rajasic/Tamasic food) then the natural power of this energy will be tampered.  Emotion is the source of triggering point for intellect.


End Results

Their exam results are miraculously leverage from 23% to 48% in exam marks and some of them had quantum leap to new marks up to 92% in some subjects.  Individual taking Satvic food, will more likely to develop and demonstrate Satvic character. Their relationship with everyone will be exemplary and tolerance level will be much better.


We from Intelligent Society of Malaysia highly recommending vegetarianism to sustain our body system as well as ecology system.



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