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About Your Education & Childhood Life

Parents/Teachers get ready to vibrate your ego
The critical mistake by parent and guider(s)
Why kids do low academic and bad behaviours.

All type/level study’s issue starting from kids to tertiary education begin at childhood


Kids, do you have a harmony childhood live?

Kids are not robot, they are biological human with emotion.

You may tell them what to do, how to do, but how to handle it?


By Elanggovan Thanggavilo

Founder & President

Intelligent Society of Malaysia (ISOM)

Draft copy as at 24th November 2015

Rev 1.0

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Intelligent Society of Malaysia, ISOM was founded in Malaysia by Elanggovan Thanggavilo to do research and contribute knowledge sharing towards the well-being of kids towards graduate. Just to brief you about our status. As long as the sharing is from moral, ethical, cultural, law and scientific point of view, then we are talking about globalization that starts with a family. Typical scenario, whenever a mother enforces or provide teaching, experience, advice and a certain ethic plus cultural law to be followed by children then that’s not ego it’s pure compassion of a mother. Children shouldn’t argue. Whenever we, ISOM do information expose in any form through whichever media such audio, video, social media, interview, survey, assessment, writing, advice, coaching, training and consulting it’s evolved from pure consciousness and holistic compassionate as well precise perfected scientific facts. We are equivalent to a mother’s position in participating while nurturing the education industry, particularly in Malaysia and generally worldwide.

A very holistic education system in school nowadays becomes the blaming center for students. Each time when the student can’t perform, the blame goes to them. No one including parents and teachers has the rights to blame the students unless the basic principles of academic system is set up which will support the students learning process given in school.

Are you a parent, guardian or teacher? This article possess very important information to be read and needs to be interpreted meticulously then everyone take actions in guiding a kid or a child to develop them to be a better person while without giving unnecessary stress which will follow by most psychosomatic sickness. If you do not follow these solutions to schools and kids then I have shown why? Its hidden agenda of economic or revenue generation. In this part of so called education loan may initiate parents to put effort and do task of applications, but the final victim are the students themselves before they even graduated and be put in a situation of debts.


“Do not hide this secret from the children

just to push them into education loan debt!”


In this article, synonyms will be used:





Parent, Guardian, Teacher, School, PTA, PIBG, Education Policy Maker


All of you Guider(s) it’s time to admit and act on objective not on each position to use authority just rule/pin point mistake to the others.

PIBG and PTA, in Malay language “Persatuan Ibu bapa Dan Guru”, Parent-Teacher Association

“99% situation if any kids / students doing low in academic and attitude the blame goes to the kids themselves, it’s ridiculous!”

School educational relationship has expert sufficient energy and creativity to blame each other and everyone. But do not have any single effort that are systematical to trace and find out the root cause and solution for it.

Even though you are getting good marks, if it’s from a cost of very long repeated same subjects’ revision daily then it can’t be considered wise. I am sure students would agree that it is always better do single time study or most other quality revision while producing excellent straight 100% marks and A’s.


Are you a student?

Read fully, there are undisclosed secrets and irrelevant environment set-up by the education industry that disallow you to improve your marks.

Average kids start learning characters and alphabets from a particular language between 3 to 5 years young. Substantial size of kids will enter nursery between 2 to 4 years old.


The majority of kids will complete kindergarten between 5 to 6 years. According to research, the percentage of kids that would be coming straight to primary school as standard one students without learning at kindergarten is very low. How every standard is the official study period which all types of kids must be safe to enable them begin education leave. If the kids can’t learn character or even numbers, then the school authority would be responsible to do an official report via letter / email to parents / guardians.


Average percentage kids attendant Nursery between 2 to 4 years:





Village far from town




Village near town




Smaller Town




Big City




Average percentage kids attendant Kindergarten between 5 to 6 years:





Village far from town




Village near town




Smaller Town




Big City





Some of the kids will be taught at home by parents or kindergarten / tuition method.

However, in this informative article we are discussing about average kids who went to kindergarten and are able to read, write, calculate and communicate within the school.


Estimated learning capability percentages may vary by geographical and standard of the town.



OKU (disabled)


Slow learner






Very Good







Naturally, we could go up to a certain level and give excuses that OKU (disabled) (5%) and Slow learner (15%) but all other two categories such as Moderate (45%) & Good (25%) takes the largest population of 70% student with the right action plan of the parent and school we can push and leverage them to Very Good level (3%).




Like to study and can get all subjects A's


Like to study and only able to get a medium (credit), few A's


Like to study and only able to get pass marks


Like to study, but 50:50 some subject fails, some subject pass


Don’t like to study but clever to get good marks


Don’t like to study but just passing marks


Don’t like to study and fail most subjects






The number of students who don’t like to study and failing subjects lower than the number of students who like to study but yet failing subjects.

Majority or all other social issues related students are created from student category whom don’t like to study thus resulting in bad results.


Most of students are not able to score well will have less interest in education. It is not because they do not have interest in study and become low academic performer.

Misconception of parent / guardian / teachers would be opposite. In fact, these so called guider has a wrong understanding of psychology, emotion and cognitive skill development.

My basic question: Does the school allow students to do negative activities which will create uncomfortable or unpleasant environment in school?

An example of using vulgar words, fighting, demeaning terms, absent from school,  

Surely no! We who live in Malaysia have great law on all student discipline policies.

These are policy created to ensure much harmony external scenario school.


“It’s always unfair blame tag for students by guider(s)”


Because guider(s) do not have precise understanding of brain, thoughts, mind as well cognitive skills. Guider(s) also not at all practice the basic scientific principle of the above said fundamental requirement quality in order the kids / student to well perform in their responsibility.


It’s very hard to accept a personal mistake, it’s just easy point out finger to others.


How much it cost a Medical Degree study without a scholarship?


The student is a proven research, remarkable evidence and unlimited track records proves if you can’t perform well in your education, it’s not your fault but it’s your problem. It only be fault of your Guider(s).


The level of education, ability, and aptitude as well attitude you possess are all crafted your prime Guider(s).


Yet you, the student gets all blame. You get all the black marks. You get all discipline records. You get all unfair treatment. It’s all irresponsible of Guider(s) yet they have fun, to totally blame you!


Why is it compulsory that you as a student to be pushed into such situation?


Because you are not aware of the untold secrets of education. You do not dare to question the Guider(s) even politely, systematically by facts. You lose emotion, get neutral and you act towards supporting Guider(s) claims that you are doing mistake because not performing well in academic.


You kept on argue and make more mistakes and continue most negative or wrong discipline related activities and keep increasing your blames.


You are not taught to ask them questions?


You are not sure what to ask?


“Guider(s) themselves are not sure of the reality fact of root cause of students’ low marks and what should be the right precise solution”


Guider(s) just know the external activities of giving teaching services, some parents provide tuition classes to their children just to overload their timetable. But in reality, you enjoyed and indulged in some parts of the tuition period, mainly because you meet your friends with casual wear that feels awesome and chilling.


I would like to tell you the secrets now!


Read the article very precisely and interpret meticulously.


Most tuition centres only intake students who doing well in a certain stage of passing ability according to their yearly past year track record to sustain the current year testimony.


“99% of the time where you burn the midnight oil revising but can’t recall a single thing when you enter the exam hall”


Last couple of years, some school has started overloading students with academically activities where they extend the lesson till evening. We have advised many schools and teachers that longer duration and the repeat of the same syllabus, by the same teacher at same venue doesn’t give any substantial improvement. In certain districts some schools commented our research is perfect that evening classes do not generate any additional improvement. (Exact schools are confidential)

You call the well-disciplined students, who likes to study and practically doing the activity of study and assume they focused and concentrated in their revisions.


You not been trained about brain! Sit at a proper place under a good time schedule and sincere management to do revisions is just discipline of activity to fulfill responsibility as a student to complete your process. These are fully left brain oriented activities. Discipline of sitting and doing your revision nothing to do with your Focus & Concentration as well Switch On Mode Recalling Ability activation process. This portion required the support of mid brain and right brain. If you request your brain to focus what you study then it’s left brain oriented process. Some example of Left Brain process are use for logic, learning languages, contemplate, accept and rejects to perform external activities. You can’t simply instructs, command or request right in same method. Right performance need to be equally high in order to support the left brain assignment completion effectively. Such if sit and doing revision then it’s already focus & concentrate process started but just 50%. But the focus and concentration process only complete cycle and advantages only happen if you / your brain able to index, store and retrieve specific data preciously when at require period.


You are not taught how a brain works! Sit at a proper place under a good time schedule and sincere management to do revisions is just discipline of activity to fulfill responsibility as a student and complete your process. These are fully left brain oriented activities. Discipline of sitting and doing your revision has nothing to do with your Focus & Concentration as well Switch On Mode Recalling Ability activation process. This portion requires the support of mid brain and right brain. If you request your brain to focus what you study then it’s left brain oriented process. Some examples of Left Brain process are uses for logic, learning languages, contemplate, accept and rejects to perform external activities. You can’t simply instruct, command or request right in same method. Right performance need to be equally high in order to support the left brain assignment completion effectively. Such if you sit and do revisions then it’s already focus & concentrate process started but just 50%. But the focus and concentration process only complete cycle and advantages only happen if you / your brain able to index, store and retrieve specific data preciously when at require period.


The first part is even easier to do as external activities. Student stuck at second part of internal process to activate recalling ability.


Students, did anyone in your life time taught you how to activate this process?            

How to support towards those activation?


Warning: Please be aware of most research centre and well establish university. They may do R&D and release publication about kids age, student brain and academic performance which can doctrine your natural innate cognitive ability.


These R&D are very infant stage researcher are long way backward by proven track records the essence covering including STUDENT LIFE STYLE TIPS, STUDENTS BRAIN, THOUGHTS, MIND & UNIVERSE OPERATES.


Your Guider(s) are not able provide cognitive skills essence, proven tools/methods and to create worse situation. Guider(s) do all possible tasks to decrease your cognitive skills) and not further increase your problem and coming back with finger pointing to blame you (student) with all kinds of negative attribute.


At this stage, it’s very hard to trace your parents / guardians / teachers / school or PIBG responsible. I can assure you if you / your school / teacher invite us ISOM as official speaker then immediately and practically prove to each of everyone the critical mistake by school operation which is major impact of students’ low academic performance as well in appropriate emotional attitude action.


Children are not robot, they are unique biological human!




 PISA 2009: Malaysia ranked 54 in reading, 57 in Mathematics and 52 in Science



We can do any school, at any location, with any number of total students

All student to score straight A’s in major exam.

For easier administration

School with total 500 students and less are fastest possibility.

Our project can provide opportunity for:

Increase in overall passing student

Better sports involvement

Remove most psychosomatic health issue

Reduce attitude issue

All student scoring straight A’s

Improve school Band level

Student can participate TIMSS, PIRLS and PISA


Do you want solve it?

How many of your school student having following issues?


Always flu issue

Digestion problem

Sleepiness in classroom

Do not like math

Can’t learn 2nd language [English] well

Don’t like to do homework

Discipline to study but not scoring well

Attitude issue

Absent from certain subject

Absent from school

You list your issues……




Intrinsic cognitive skill kids towards university to improve our Malaysia ranking in the world


We also give instant solutions, back by our 3 decades or 30 years research, 1 decade of proven track records.


Each of you can apply and act on your rights as student immediately to effortlessly enhance academic, sports, emotional and attitude remarkable improvement.


Yes, it’s just that easy!


ISOM, we do not motivate you to study more, we do not tell you another 100 pages of theory and we only provide you 7 minutes of scientific facts.


We give you back student life, removing long repeated revision without intended results.


Your question, will this speech help you?


“Dear students, whatever your current stage it’s not your fault, we do not bother how bad you are now, we only assure you enjoy every experience we share and apply are a part of student’s life style editing process. This external activities will take care the internal right brain & mid brain process. It’s fully autonomic”


“Students, you deserve all your rights to live a respectable and childhood life experience in the period of academic years till you complete PhD”


Firmly voice your basic rights, request your PTA, Head Master, Principle and Counselor act on solution rather continue comfortably blaming students. ISOM have built this essence from most perfected science and these are core value of cognitive skills, psychology and techniques not thought to teachers.


ISOM founder, Elanggovan Thanggavilo has been traveling and providing coaching & training to 100 teachers as well lectures. Last 16 years mix of freelance and past 10 years as full time he found most of your teacher too have same issue especially in subjects like science, biology, physics, medical field, hard code programming. They too find very difficult to performance well in exam. According to some teachers 50% of teachers might fail their own subjects.


Do you student up to date fail all subjects?

Your current cognitive skills performance may vary compared to other students.


You only need 12 days of interval to improve your marks for every different level of cognitive skills.


We have trained more than 17,000 students, over 10 countries and found you need just 90 days to uplift marks from 35% to 85% in subjects like Math and English.


(note: you might get variance results but proven to be best of your ability compare all total of past years in any subjects)


There are a number of main reasons for ignorance of Guider(s).


At this stage, student may have few more final question:


How much it will cost?

ISOM question Guider(s); How much does a Medical Degree cost without scholarship?

It’s far cheaper a fraction tiny %.

We will talk to your Guider(s).


What will happen if you do not improve? Ask yourself.


Ask Guider(s) to apply commercial terms they can think of.

ISOM will handle those official process.

Now question is would you like to effortless perform marks above 90% in all subjects?

Would school / PTA have Vision and Mission to provide opportunity to students?


What is your school BAND Ranking now? Is it better if your school ranking improve?


These scenario happened to most Colleges and Universities.


After graduating with low CGPA for example 2.5 or less then they will be rejected from corporate working industry. Correct the precise fact right from beginning starting from 4 years kids with perfected methodology from INTELLIGENT SOCIETY of MALAYSIA and their associate partners.


Conclusion or flow of knowledge upgraded to each entity. Various attitude of individuals.

-Do not know about the method obviously can’t apply to improve kids.

-Know some basic general method but no have discipline to do follow up with kids.


After reading this challenging article:


Kids are eager to adopt the techniques immediately because it’s their live time matter.


Parents/Guardians, we accept your pure compassion towards love to children, yet it’s hard to admit you have to learn about much perfected parenting especially in nurturing academic for kids. Just invite us and we will help you to boost your kids’ academics.


Teachers, we value as of a part next to the parent circle, its matter of all your teaching and guidance are great. You just have to add the unknown into school daily practice.


PTA/PIBG/SCB, as part of bridge between teachers, parent you are doing nice job follow your policy, use the same authority just start to focus the root cause rather than surface issue. Implement our VGENIUST SOP for SCHOOL.

Act fully according to MOE Blue print page #37:


Invite every PIBG to provide input on contextualization of curriculum and teacher quality from 2016.


Critical mistake by parent and guider(s)

Critical mistake of parent, teacher, school, PTA, PIBG, SCB and education authority does which directly

trapping kids and students to reduce academic improvement, low sports performance, increase emotional issue, unwanted attitude issue and act beyond age.

You care on moral teaching which will mold behaviors.
But you don’t tell them how behaviors change.
You do guide them to study well.
But you don’t tell them how to prepare before start study so it gives exam impact.
You do concern on health.
But you don’t care what they eat.
You do guide cultural well such as should wear dress before coming out to public.
You ask them to finish homework/school activity.
But you don’t teach activity which will prepare brain to do those task.
Do you allow children to smoke? No! Then why you allow them drink cold water which create similar negative effect to body, worse ice will reduce brain performance too.
You do have vision for kid’s achievement.  List goes on…….

But you don’t get prepare the fundamental biological, psychological and mental preparation for them to start, progress, involve the activities of your wish with ability to achieve your desire high results or rather to say child’s deserved excellent performance.

99% of parents do these critical mistake and comfortably blame back kids.
Without you parent make preparation and providing proper support you do not have any rights to get anger of any lower performing results of your kids/children.  Do not give any excuse whatsoever!



Educational Authority at all level right from Ministry of Education to District Education Officer [KPM, JPN, PPD], We have world’s one of the best leaders, consistently create Vision and act on Mission towards people, community the civil society well being. The fact is now a very important message to practice in much fine tune manner, this message is written by you the authority in Malaysia Education Blue Print. Some samples are in pages like 25, 26, 37, 45 …


We, human beings naturally learn new things every moment. Let’s exercise new learning and implement as it will give us impact according to our original intention which is nurture every kids.


You might be thinking why didn’t disclose. What is the solution and what we will offer?

Even if tell 1 word or whole paragraph human tend to do assumption practice.

Call us now

to implement VGENIUST SOP

in your school


Research, Compiled & Written by,


Elanggovan Thanggavilo

Founder & President

Intelligent Society of Malaysia

Call / WhatsApp +60129228619

Send e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and to request for training schedules suitable for your school.


Special thanks, Mr. EDISON NGU WEI LONG, Sarawak Initial editing done.


Methods apply to read this article: Some statistic given our own compilation which is estimated/average data. Always have the one related to the latest statistic. Main process intended for the relevant student group. Student whom perform excellent can exam from this point of view. All other entity mention in this article whom perform Vice Versa can ignore this article.


We assure you our best professional services in all inquiry.


We have reserved rights not to offer or undertake some type of task.


ISOM’s reserve rights to keep all actual data private & confidential.


You only act on your current school / college / university performance status, especially if wish to gain quantum leap in academic track records for your students.


All rights reserved ® and copyrighted © by Elanggovan Thanggavilo and ISOM 1992 – 2025.




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