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FREE Complementary Training for Schools


Most schools are operated within monitoring authority and law & order of Ministry of Education. Base on National, State and District there will be education official achievement KPI for schools, all school will develop efforts towards achieving those level or status of schools.

There is 2 groups undertaking well being of school progress namely:

  1. Parents Teachers Association or in Malaysia better known as Persatuan Ibu Bapa & Guru "PIBG"
  2. Board of School Council or in Malaysia known as Lembaga-Lembaga Sekolah

We ISOM provide latest research base consulting, coaching and training for school level individuals.  These consulting available for PTA/PIBG as well BSC/LLS to implement methodology which will support intended achievements such as reducing discipline issues, increase academic results, enhance sports participation and winning championship thus will enable improve better school ranking.

Currently in Malaysia they call BAND level 1,2,3,4 or 5.

Refer to
Mainly 2 different type of school



In summary it can be achieve with latest facility as well well discipline and qualified students.
Student excellence in the following aspects:


  • Academic learning
  • Co-curriculum
  • Character
  • Visionary and effective school management
  • Development and optimal utilisation of resources
  • Quality school leadership
  • Effective teaching and learning management
  • School climate that is conducive to the optimal development of human capital
  • Effective implementation of MOE programmes
  • School with character

In this modern edge most school already aggressively improving all external requirement such as upgrading school facility, good renovation, upgrading technology such latest computer but yet effectively by increasing population Vs good performance have reduce where else all discipline problem increase.

The fact is some school teacher also not sure about PISA, TIMMS, PIRLS and other matter which directly involve performance of students in Malaysia and globally.

Beside achieving these standards most school have challenges to meet basic education literacy and maintaining ethical and discipline issue.

At each period whenever the question raise to all entity each of them will point out to another saying that they are doing the responsible and now it's the another entity's scope to make it happen.

Just to brief additional info we have survey on memory and recalling ability with teachers and lectures who proceeding their further education technically feel and experience very high challenge to score better marks.

When we ask them few question on Brain, Thought, Memory they either confuse or do not have any idea.

Mainly the blame cycle starts from parent to children, parent to teachers, teacher to children and teacher to parent it also go through ministry as well government.

Fundamentally if all inputs can be release promptly as output whenever require then majority of school issue can be reduce.

Inputs = reading/studying.  Outputs = answering question/quiz etc

This will become better only when enhance brain capability to increase memory which cognitive skills to recall back easily.

Question is do we really support or contribute any action plan to achieve it?

Answer is very rare!

Let's layout a list of standard requirement for better academic results and best discipline achievement.

  • Teacher psychology
  • Parent psychology
  • Student psychology
  • Meals (drinks, food)
  • Canteen structure
  • Toilet standards

We teach them many things such as moral, ethics, law, cultural, science, math and others but do we teach them any practical techniques to increase or improve cognitive skills?

answer is almost no.
if some case yes then it could be just theory or motivational information which does not improve cognitive skills effectively.

We provide 27 years of research oriented, last 9 years of proven track record.  We even can guarantee the results.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us or call at +60123220775 Ms Vimala Thevanai, +60129228619 Mr. Elanggovan Thanggavilo for complementary coaching, consulting and advisory on how to implement these strategically.


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VGENIUST7R for Students

Module details visit



T7SR 7P for Teachers

Module details visit
(In Malaysia can call us Latihan Dalam Perkhidmatan, LADAP)


T7SR 7E for Parents

Module details visit


We ISOM subsidies or fully sponsor ISOM endorsed services, training, solution as

part of our CSR project.


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