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Code of Ethics


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ISOM Code of Ethics
Members are expected to practice direct, clear and precise communication. So, the information or message that is being circulated is in line with our code of ethics and synchronized.  The mutual respect among the members, committee and board of directors will be upheld.

Communication on ISOM matters is via mobile SMS, email, online blogs and online forum. The members are expected to maintained two way communication.
During our activities, programs, training or projects, all members are expected to practice socially accepted ethics, dress code and behavior. The society is encouraging patriotism among the members. To incorporate this into our program, the opening of all our programs will be with “Negaraku’ song and closing with ‘Malaysia Boleh’ song or any other patriotic song.

ISOM Greeting Style
When you meet someone then stand relax, observe the other member’s eye, then:
 Take a deep breathing (Inhale)
 Hold breathing few seconds (recommended 7 seconds)
 Exhale slowly.

i)   Members are strictly to abide ISOM Code of Ethics, sustain harmony in relation.
ii)   Promote healthy growth between members and in communities.
iii)  Members are strictly prohibited on using religious or spiritual related matters in communication related to ISOM discussion.
iv)  Religious wishes from any other organizations or groups are strictly prohibited among ISOM members and its activities.
v)  Instead, members are encouraged to use ISOM Greeting Style to promote unified synergy.

i)    Committee members whom are involve in promoting ISOM projects to organizations or public must present using our standard
      information according to officially printed materials or web content.
ii)    Committee members are only allowed to share knowledge, tips, style and techniques which has been approved by ISOM for sharing purposes. This is to achieve standardization.
iii)    Committee members are strictly not allowed to teach or share about techniques or knowledge that is being acquired outside the Society.






Public are invited to participate in our projects and event according to specific projects.


All media are welcome to do coverage to write articles and news about Society, activities and projects. Medias must obtain prior approval from our Board of Directors before publication.


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